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Blame It On One Person... Seriously?

12 June 2017
It is tempting to comment on the UK political chaos right now... but as a welcome diversion, we thought we’d make a few observations on the business disaster that has recently placed British Airways at the forefront of the international news.
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Blink Twice if You Need Help

10 February 2017
I laughed out loud at this American satirical comment directed at Melania Trump, the wife of the Donald, the world’s most powerful man. I am not however aware of any response from the First Lady which could actually be for a number of reasons...
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Shoreham Airshow Disaster and the Oil & Gas Industry: Where Is The Shared Learning?

22 March 2016
I saw in the news that the pre-inquest into the Shoreham air show disaster commences today on the 22nd of March. This caught my eye because earlier news bulletins had reported that inadequate risk assessment was one of the key causes of this tragedy. I have a long-held view that risk assessment in the industry I know best (i.e. oil and gas) is becoming less and less effective.
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Jimmy Savile, Personal Accountability and the BBC

29 February 2016
Jimmy Savile is back on the front page. Dame Janet Smith’s report into the despicable criminal behaviour of Savile and Stuart Hall highlights the massive failures of the BBC to respond responsibly to a wealth of evidence of repulsive abuse, demonstrated over decades. It appears that the BBC put the reputation of the organisation before the safety and vulnerability of young girls
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When Values and Commitments Collide

8 February 2016
Myanmar (formerly Burma) is frequently in the news as people trying to escape oppression and poverty take to the seas by their hundreds in the worst of conditions and personal safety. This takes me back to 2013 when our travels took us to this beautiful but impoverished country...
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