What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different?

We get risk

Risk Dimensions understands the relationship between hazards, consequences, and likelihood…and equally the need for active risk controls that maintain risk exposures within tolerable levels.

We get practical

Risk Dimensions has developed and applied a series of risk management tools based on our experience and client engagement…and our clients continue to benefit from our practical approach and solutions.

We get the need to change

Risk Dimensions works with our clients to understand root causes of challenges and develop innovative, but pragmatic solutions. It doesn’t end there: we support our clients throughout implementation, ensuring the solutions are working.

We get cultural differences

Risk Dimensions’ vast international experience spans five continents. We get knowledge-sharing: Risk Dimensions experience is broad ranging and captures a number of different industries including: oil and gas, rail, construction, mining, steel manufacturing, nuclear power, electricity distribution, and chemicals….enabling our clients to benefit from cross-industry learning and knowledge transfer.

We get cost efficiency

Risk Dimensions understands that cost is critical and always seeks the most cost-effective solution and pricing strategies.