HSE Communications with a Difference


How was your last HSE Plan communicated? Was it well-received by your team? Did it leave you feeling involved, engaged…like you owned it? Yes? Excellent – carry on! No? We’ve got some ideas we would like to share with you.

Detailed Offering

Communication is CRITICAL to managing HSE risk! So why do we get it wrong so often? Why so many mixed messages? Why so many unintended consequences? We have to be honest…we at Risk Dimensions don’t have all the answers to this one, and we have never met anyone who has. We just know that we have to do it differently; we have to fully engage with the recipients of the message. We have to speak their language. We have to be precise. We have to be clear, and we HAVE TO LISTEN. This doesn’t mean that: it can’t be simple, it can’t be informal, it can’t be funny or brief. Talk to us…we have some different ideas.