HSE Training


Tired of ‘chalk and talk’, PowerPoint, endless flipcharts and whiteboards, bar charts, old videos, old ideas, repeats, repeats and repeats? Do you want training to be innovative, imaginative, engaging and fun? Yes? Contact us... next time it will be different!

Detailed Offering

Have you ever run an asset integrity training course where you played a board game based on the Dakar Rally? Risk-assessed driving an 11 tonne truck through deserts, mountains, plains and jungle? Purchased the equipment and systems you needed for the journey? All done, while competing against four other teams? We have... and it worked!!

We have developed and delivered holistic asset integrity and HSE risk management training for leaders, as well as for secretaries, lawyers, accountants, and IT specialists…while in parallel, conducting more in depth training for discipline engineers and specialist integrity and HSE practitioners. Risk Dimensions approach to training is informative and educational. It can also be fun; it will be different.