Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis


Incidents and accidents are still occurring across all industries, despite many years of exposure to accidents and near misses and the emergence of new technology, enhanced safety cultures, and statutory requirements. Robust incident investigation and root cause analysis (including training) techniques are core to the Risk Dimensions service portfolio.

Detailed Offering

Think about an accident that has recently occurred in your organisation…

  • Had the same or a similar incident happened before?
  • Was an investigation conducted or was it a tick-box review?
  • Did the investigation make recommendations to prevent repeat incidents or did it miss the opportunity?
  • Were the real root causes identified?
  • Were the recommendations actioned?
  • Did things change as a result?

….so why did it happen again?

Accidents are rarely unique. Somebody will always tell you that this has happened before, or they could ‘see this one coming’. If an accident can happen once, it can happen again unless:

  • We understand what really happened.
  • We fully investigate and discover the real root causes.
  • We identify remedial and preventative actions that are practical, meaningful and deliverable.
  • We commit to change.
  • We learn from the experience and share the learning.
  • We truly believe that all accidents are preventable.

Risk Dimensions understands that all of this is difficult. It demands total commitment from all organizational levels and disciplines. The right culture is paramount and systems have to be in place, working, effective and robust. Our team has been involved in far too many incident investigations. Something has to change. We are here to help you.

Our services include:

  • Root Cause Analysis/incident investigation team leadership and team membership.
  • Incident investigation training and coaching.
  • Developing or enhancing incident investigation and root cause analysis tools, techniques, procedures and guidance.