HSE Culture and Assessment


Our behaviours and attitudes at work reflect, create, enforce, enhance, and sustain our safety culture. Does your organisation understand how this works? What the potential consequences may be? What needs to change? We have sound experience in the area of safety culture assessment and would be delighted to share this with you.

Detailed Offering

The influence of culture on an organisation’s HSE performance has been openly recognized as ‘significant’ for years. Many great brains have spent countless hours and dollars looking for the silver bullet to fix the problem once and for all. After all this time, money, effort and grey matter, are we any closer to solving this dilemma? We think we understand it better of course, but still around 80% of accident causation is identified as being down to the Human Factor. People are still people, unpredictable, inconsistent, emotional, and fallible.

In Risk Dimensions, we don’t have the silver bullet either. What we do have is a down-to-earth, practical approach to understanding human behavior, attitudes, influence, competence and personal accountability. We can provide you with a snapshot of your organisation’s safety culture at a given time, and help you with recommendations for longer term change and re-positioning. We can help you with understanding:

  • When and how people make mistakes, and what caused them to happen
  • Why and when people violate and what causes them to do so
  • How organisations set up people either to succeed or fail

What organisations need to understand is:

  • There is no silver bullet
  • Cultural change takes years
  • Leadership HSE commitment must be unwavering: visible, consistent and sustained

If you are in for the long haul, we can help you.