Qualitative Risk Assessment


There are many approaches to qualitative risk assessment, including application of Bow-Tie and Swiss Cheese models and Risk Dimensions undoubtedly will use a few of them. At the end of the day, however, all risk assessments are all about providing the basis for a good decision. We can help you with pragmatic and practical approaches.

Detailed Offering

The one and only reason for conducting a risk assessment is to enable sound decision making….it is not a means of justifying decisions that have already been made. Basically there are three types of decisions:

  • Get in: based on risk assessment, we proceed with appropriate levels of control and due-care
  • Get out: the risk is intolerable and we just won’t do it
  • Get better: risk assessment tells us we can do it, but only we have understood and implemented change

Our Risk Dimensions team takes a practical and pragmatic approach to implementing qualitative risk assessments or in training/coaching on the topic. For the unfamiliar, we use everyday examples and jargon to explain the mysteries around what may be safety critical, an effective control or what mitigation may mean. For the informed, we apply well-proven tools and techniques such as bow-ties, Swiss Cheese models, and various risk matrices. Associated supporting activities including Tool Box Talks, Safe Job Analysis, Task Risk Assessments, and Critical Task Analysis also play a fundamental role in the overall risk assessment process.

We are all risk assessment specialists either as workers, drivers, parents, sporting participants, budget holders, users of the internet…basically everything that life throws at us! Risk Dimensions will help you to find a solution to the HSE risk assessment which suits you, your budget, and your need to manage risk.